Information on membership The Leading Golf Courses

The premium brand THE LEADING GOLF COURSES stands for extremely high quality aspirations—internally and externally. Being a quality label, it symbolizes a stringently controlled quality assurance system that guests, club members and employees alike can trust in.


The following basic requirements have to be met for admission to the circle of the LEADING GOLF COURSES:

  • Golf course with a minimum of 9 holes
  • Identification with the values of the community
  • Participation in the annual test procedure
  • Acceptance of the bylaws

In its probation year, the golf club is tested by our mystery players nine times in line with the same criteria as all the member clubs. Its quality is assessed based on a questionnaire comprising more than 100 detailed questions. Sixty percent of the questions focus on course characteristics and forty percent deal with quality aspects such as restaurant and infrastructure.

The decisive factors for admission are the test results that must be above the average of the existing Leading Golf Courses, the appraisal of the admission and quality committee and the vote of the Board members who, in case of uncertainty, reserve the right to take their decision only after a personal inspection of the golf course.

From the time of admission, the strict quality criteria have to be met permanently. Otherwise, the golf club is not entitled to remain a member.


Contact us to register your golf club for the admission procedure:

The Leading Golf Courses
Starkfriedgasse 11/3B/1
A-1180 Wien

+43 664 4516358