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Golf at the highest level: »Tradition meets innovation«

13. April 2023

Thomas Kirchler, GC Achensee: Golf at the highest level can be found where a traditional club also displays a spirit of innovation, that it always wants to develop further and always wants to measure itself against the best.


Golf at the highest level: »Where dreams come true«

16. March 2023

Norah Sofie Seidl, Diamond Country Club: The Diamond Country Club and especially the DCC Juniors team is like a little family to me. Being part of this community around our coach Melanie Wolkersberger is a teenager's dream come true for me!


Golf auf höchstem Niveau: »Ganzjähriger Top-Zustand«

15. February 2023

By Lukas Staybl, 19, GC Linz-St. Florian: My immersion in the world of greenkeeping during a summer internship made me realise the effort required to really make a golf course appear perfect in all areas.


Golf at the highest level: »Dive into a fairytale«

13. October 2022

Niki Baumgartner, Proshop Manager at GC Schloss Schönborn: What makes Schönborn so special? The time here at the golf club is for everyone - from the staff to the members to the guests - like diving into another world, into a golf fairy tale.


Golf at the highest level: »Team harmony - by nature«

15. September 2022

The quality seal of being one of the »Leading Golf Courses« is a great challenge, especially in our altitude, which we gladly accept! In addition to the high quality standards on the course, we pay special attention to the best service.