Exclusively for members The Leading Golf Card

Golf three times on each course of the LEADING GOLF COURSES in Austria (not in Germany or Switzerland). Please order your LEADING GOLF CARD 2023 at the price of 440 Euros from the secretariat of your home club. The prerequisite is full membership in a member club of the LEADING GOLF COURSES in Austria. After ordering, the card will be produced and sent to your home club, from which you will receive the card and the invoice.

If you have any questions, please contact your home club or send an email to office@leadinggolf.at.


Important: At first please order you Leading Golf Card in your Golf Club (AMEX clients with Amex)- only then you can use the digital platform! From 2023 onwards, the redemption and administration of playing rights will be digital. You may have already been sent an e-mail with a password when your card was activated. If this is not the case, please open leading.golfdigital.at in a browser. Then enter the e-mail address you have registered with your home club (or with Amex) and click on "Forgotten password". You will then immediately receive a new password, which you can change at any time. In the e-mail you receive, you will also find the instructions below. Please also check your spam folder.


Android mobile: open leading.golfdigital.at in the Google browser and follow the instructions.

iPhone: open leading.golfdigital.at in the Safari browser and follow the instructions.

ENROLL PLAYING RIGHT (when registering on the day of play at the golf club secretary's office):

1. Open the web app on your smartphone.
2. Select "Golf clubs" from the menu. These are sorted by federal state.
3. Select the golf club where you would like to redeem the playing right.
4. Select "Call up playing right".
5. Then confirm by clicking on "Redeem playing right now".
6. The golf club and you will receive an e-mail with the redeemed playing right.
7. If you do not have your smartphone with you, the golf club can also redeem the right manually.