Our philosophy The Leading Golf Courses

Your round of golf begins long before the first tee shot.
And it does not end with the final putt.

Enjoy golf at the highest level

Like no other sport, golf focuses on perfection given its complexity, practice and diversity of courses. THE LEADING GOLF COURSES are committed to striving for perfection and high quality standards. For us, this means offering golfers more than they may expect.

This extra makes the difference between a golf course and THE LEADING GOLF COURSES.

More than the sum of its parts

Every golfer knows that a perfect stroke is not just achieved by the good alignment of setup, upswing and downswing. An outstanding day of golfing also requires more than a well-tended golf course. Therefore we defined more than 100 criteria ensuring that a round of golf becomes an unsurpassable experience. In addition to challenging greens and perfect fairways, competent and friendly staff, a pleasant atmosphere and flawless gastronomy are a must.

Controlled quality

Does a golf course meet the requirements of the LEADING GOLF COURSES? This is assessed in a series of stringent evaluations in anonymous and objective tests. After passing them, golf clubs that ensure an excellent golfing experience from the entrance to the 19th hole can be admitted to the exclusive circle of the LEADING GOLF COURSES. To stay in, they have to meet the criteria anew every year.