Golf at the highest level: »Highlight in the High North« Golf at the highest level ... This is not just a claim, but a promise from the LEADING GOLF COURSES. Representatives of the member companies tell about the ideas and values ​​behind.

By Marlene Krejcy, 27, former national team player, 8-time state champion and TU graduate in civil engineering, women's team player at GolfResort Haugschlag: »Highlight in the High North«

What impresses me most at Haugschlag Golf Resort is the excellent condition of the two courses, apart from the picturesque area in the far north. No matter what the weather or the temperature, the fairways and greens are a dream. Big kudos at this point to the greenkeepers - I think the greens are some of the best in the country. This is definitely a Leading Golf Courses benchmark!

Both courses are ingeniously designed and completely different to play: The Course Waldviertel is surrounded by dense forests, the Course Haugschlag, on the other hand, is more openly laid out, but by no means less challenging. The same applies to both courses: no two holes are alike, which makes playing particularly exciting. Both courses feature a signature par-3 island green!

The resort's facilities are also a highlight - from the clubhouse with its terrace to the hotel, everything here is at the highest 4-star superior level following a complete renovation. My tip: Plan more than one day for the visit to the high Waldviertel - the trip pays off!

With sporty greetings!
Marlene Krejcy
GolfResort Haugschlag