WE GILD YOUR GOLF: »Mondsee golf addict« New claim, familiar promise: WE GILD YOUR GOLF remains "Golf at the highest level" ... This is the guiding principle of the LEADING GOLF COURSES. Representatives of the member companies talk about the ideas and values behind it.

By Felix Holzer, 20 years old, Hcp 2.9; current national foursome champion (together with Maxi Klaus), team player at GC Am Mondsee: »Mondsee golf addict«

What amazes me most about our golf course are the special scenic attractions: the lakes, the mountains and the whole surrounding area ensure that each hole is characterised by a different special landscape feature. This, combined with the design of the course, creates memorable holes with a strong character: 

There are the long holes where you can really go for it, and the holes that are very wide and forgiving. And then there are the narrow, tricky holes. On the one hand, this variety is visually striking and on the other hand, there are always new challenges for the course management, including some adrenaline kicks on the risk-and-reward holes.

I have been playing golf almost 7 days a week since my schooling at the Lower Austrian Sports Performance Centre in St. Pölten. With my A-levels in the bag, I am now studying law and economics with a view to a career in sports management. But only as a Plan B, because my primary goal is to make it onto the Tour as a golf professional!

One of the reasons I feel so at home here at Mondsee is the top quality of the golf course, which the club is committed to as a Leading Golf Course. The promotion of young talent is also phenomenal and, last but not least, there is a particularly friendly and welcoming atmosphere here - without which I probably wouldn't be so addicted to Mondsee golf.

With sporty greetings!
Felix Holzer
GC Am Mondsee

Aerial view of the Golfcourse by Salzburgerland Tourismus / Christoph Oberschneider