Golf at the highest level: »Phoenix from the ashes« Golf at the highest level ... This is not just a claim, but a promise from the LEADING GOLF COURSES. Representatives of the member companies tell about the ideas and values ​​behind.

Franz-Michael Seidl, Manager Diamond Club Ottenstein: »Like a phoenix from the ashes«

The golf course in Ottenstein has long been a showpiece on the local golf map due to its grandiose embedding in the varied terrain in the middle of a beautiful area. No two holes are alike, and each one has its own special charm - especially the 19th hole: the Hettegger Golf Restaurant attracts (also non-golfing) gourmets from near and far.

In 2015, during a phase of qualitative regression of the course conditions, the golf course was integrated into the Diamond Group with the already existing member of the Leading Golf Courses, the Diamond Country Club in Atzenbrugg. This set the new direction: Back to the top league! With intensive maintenance measures, we were able to bring the course back to the highest level. This was rewarded last year with the successful acceptance test into the quality alliance of the "Leading Golf Courses".

Through the regular quality controls of the anonymous testers, we receive valuable, critical feedback from the outside. We take this as a work order to improve week by week - in addition to our own plans. Because as a Leading Golf Course, we are now once again among the top courses in Austria!

With sporty greetings!
Franz-Michael Seidl
Manager Diamond Club Ottenstein