Golf at the highest level: »It is what it is. Legendary!« Golf at the highest level ... This is not just a claim, but a promise from the LEADING GOLF COURSES. Representatives of the member companies tell about the ideas and values ​​behind.

Karl Czernin, Clubmanager GC Gut Altentann: »It is what it is. Legendary!«

Is it the dreamlike embedding of the golf course in the beautiful landscape or the wonderful atmosphere around the clubhouse? Is it the individual holes, each of which has its own history and special character? Is it the architectural peculiarity that the course was designed by the American golf icon Jack Nicklaus - by the way, the first course in Europe? ...That's what I've been asking myself every day since I started working here as a manager.

Since the Open Golf Group took over the course 2018, a lot has happened in Altentann. Not only the club members notice this, but also the many guests who visit the tradition-rich course: From new grass varieties that make the course more weather resistant to the new clubhouse lounge and the tasteful trappings, the innovations demonstrate: We are a Leading Golf Course!

We feel the attractiveness of this brand especially in summer during the Salzburg Festival season, when golfing, culture- and quality-loving tourists are often on the lookout for "excellent" golf courses. In addition, the "Leading Golf Card" brings a lively stream of guests from the other domestic Leading Golf Courses. We are very pleased about this, because this is how things are happening in Altentann. Finally, the answer to the questions posed at the beginning: It is what it is!

With sporty greetings!
Karl Czernin
Clubmanager GC Gut Altentann