Golf auf höchstem Niveau: »Ganzjähriger Top-Zustand« Golf at the highest level ... This is not just a claim, but a promise from the LEADING GOLF COURSES. Representatives of the member companies tell about the ideas and values ​​behind.

By Lukas Staybl, 19, GC Linz-St. Florian, Team player, children's training coach, greenkeeping intern, Upper Austrian National Champion 2022: »Year-round top condition«

I am now in the 5th and final class in the sports performance branch of the BORG Linz and last year, in 2022 I spent all but one week of the summer holidays on the golf course of the GC Linz: as a trainings coach at the children's camps, as a Greenkeeping-trainee for five weeks , and finally for training and playing.

Especially through my immersion in the world of greenkeeping, I realised what effort is necessary to make a golf course really appear perfect in all areas. Not only visually, but also in many details that a "normal" player might not immediately recognise. For example, it is a great art to keep the greens in top quality over a longer period of time. Or making the bunkers consistently playable and attractive. I personally took care of the bunkers in the summer.

In any case, our golf course is in top condition all year round, I can now say that from my own experience - and we also get confirmation of this from the anonymous "Leading Golf Courses" testers. What else distinguishes the golf club are the excellent training facilities, the golf school and, last but not least, the clubhouse with its pro shop and restaurant - in the beautiful ambience of Tillysburg Castle.

With sporty greetings!
Lukas Staybl
GC Linz-St. Florian